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    Discover 7 hidden language traps that

    tell people not to take you seriously.


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    Discover 7 hidden language traps that

    tell people not to take you seriously.


    Download your PDF guide below

  • The Confidence to Change

    Because change is constant...

    You might think you're not ready to start your own business, launch a project or take on that more senior role; that's normal. The thing is, women are more capable than they give themselves credit for, underestimating their ability and overestimating the ability of others. Equally as important, women are more likely to focus on areas of lack, rather than what they do well and sometimes they're not able to articulate what it is they do well.


    What's needed goes beyond hoping, wishing and waiting. What's needed is a proactive approach for women to take ownership of their message and how they communicate. Self-confidence begins with a decision to be more, a commitment to do more and persistence to achieve more.


    This is about women having a strong collective voice in decisions that affect their lives and those they care about. When applied to the workplace, this is about women re-writing the rules, re-shaping their organisations and reinvesting in themselves .

  • Introducing

    Woman of Worth

    Despite being highly capable and qualified, there are 3 main challenges experienced by many professional women.

    1. They doubt themselves and the value of what they offer
    2. Their written and spoken messages lacking impact, and
    3. They're uncomfortable with self promotion and what others will think, which shows up in their physical movement.

    People buy YOU - YOUR value, YOUR conviction & YOUR ability to deliver.


    Woman of Worth is a tailored 16-week immersion for women in professional services, designed to take you from invisible to influential.

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  • About Kerryn Gamble

    "Improving workplaces, one conversation at a time"

    Kerryn is an expert in transforming ambitious professionals into compelling communicators.


    Working with Team Leaders & managers, Kerryn elevates their verbal and non-verbal communication skills, building personal foundations for leadership growth. Kerryn is an advisor to organisations, providing strategy for organisational change initiatives, leadership development programs and delivers engaging keynotes.

    "My drive to empower others to elevate their communication is a product of being shy during childhood, feeling invisible as a young adult, and believing my opinions and ideas were not as valued. The turning point was not speaking up when I needed to - which almost cost me my life."


    "My vision is a world where people communicate with conviction"

    Kerryn is an expert in performance. Her speaking topics include:

    • Reducing resistance to change
    • Confidence for Professional Women
    • Communication skills for Team Leaders & Managers

    Kerryn's engaging and empowering keynotes bring practical ideas to life, and her experiential workshops are both insightful and interactive. Combining 20 years of health-sector experience with gold-medal athletic achievements, Kerryn holds a senior management role with a leading fertility and day surgery provider, and is the Author of UNSTOPPABLE: the professional women's guide to purpose, power & prosperity.


  • Audiences Include...

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    Lawson Delany
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    Lawson Delany
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    Lawson Delany


    Your Next Event Speaker

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    Keynotes to Engage & Inspire Action

    • "Amplify Your Impact - How to cut through with words for greater influence"
    • "Own Your Body - How to maximise authority and credibility without saying a word"
    • "Woman 2.0 - The power of individual expression"

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    Delivery Formats

    • Engaging Keynotes
    • Experiential Workshops
    • Group Facilitation
    • Program strategy, design & delivery

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  • Get Your Copy of UNSTOPPABLE

    - the professional woman's guide to purpose, power & prosperity

  • Upcoming Events

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    Amplify Your Impact - How to build authority and credibility with words and movement

    12:30pm - 1:30pm Monday 16th October 2017

    Developing leadership communication skills for Women in Allied Health

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    Women in Accounting - Melbourne East

    7:15pm - 9:15pm Wednesday 11th October 2017

    Developing leadership communication skills for Women in Accounting.

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    Keynote Speaker - The Global Women's Project Fundraising Dinner

    7:00pm - 11:00pm Saturday 9th September 2017

    An entertaining evening in support of the Global Women's Project.

    Click here to book tickets

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    How to Get Paid What You're Worth - The Essential Elements

    12:30pm - 1:30pm Tuesday 29rd August 2017 ONLINE

    Far too many business women are working hard with not much to show for their efforts, and it’s NOT because their service is sub-standard. Getting clear on the value you bring to your clients can be challenging, especially if YOU are the business. In this online class we'll be covering:

    • The must-have elements for getting paid more.
    • Why you’re not getting paid what you’re worth and what to do about it.
    • How to approach building a values based business.
    • Knowing when it's time to increase fees or ask for a raise.
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    Women in Wealth

    5:30pm - 7:30pm Tuesday 25th July 2017

    Hosted by Lawson Delany, Macquarie Bank and Blackrock at the RACV Club Melbourne. This event is addressing the range of issues women face in today's workforce, specifically relating to the finance industry and what organisations must do to achieve a balanced fully inclusive workforce at all levels. To register, click here.

    Australian HR Institute

    AHRI Webinar: Mend The Gap - Developing speakership of women in management

    12pm - 1pm Wednesday 14th June 2017

    The purpose of this webinar is to provide a framework for building vocal influence (Speakership) of women in management to improve team dynamics, build personal brand visibility and position women as leaders within the organisation.

    Click here to find out more and register.

    Womens Network Australia

    Women's Network Australia Lunch (SYDNEY)

    11:30am - 2:00pm Thursday 8th June 2017

    Sharing best practices to take your non-verbal skills from invisible to influential, so you‘re communicating your messages with confidence and conviction to maximise your influence. Held at the Rendezvous Hotel in Sydney Central.

    Australian Virtual Assistants Association

    Australian Virtual Assistants Conference: Keynote Speaker

    How To Build Your Personal Currency

    Saturday 29th April 2017

    How language shapes the way others perceive you &

    shifting from time billing to values based billing. Click for details

    Kerryn Gamble Coach on fire Radio Network

    Blog Talk Radio - Wise Women

    Tuesday 18th April 2017

    Sharing insights aimed at defining your value and communicating this clearly to earn what you're worth.

    Click the link to listen live – http://tobtr.com/9927575

    For more information, click here.

    Westpac Ruby Conection

    Amplify Your Impact - Cut Through With Communication To Stand Out

    Thursday 16th February 2017, 5:45 - 8:15pm

    Westpac Head Office, level 12, 150 Collins Street, Melbourne.

  • Communication Skills for Managers Program

    Teaching Team Leaders, Mangers and supervisors the communication foundations to

    develop their staff, achieve KPI's and improve workplace culture

  • Organisation & People Development

    Develop yourself first, before developing others...

    Kerryn Gamble Confidence for women



    This is for executives and professionals wanting to develop their presentation skills to boost their leadership presence.


    You can't be heard if you don't share your voice. Too many smart talented professionals are not speaking up: costing them lost opportunities and a lack-lustre reputation.


    If it's time to move from hiding, listening, and responding, to initiating, voicing, and leading. Do more than share your voice... own it... lead with it!

    Half, full-day, and 3 x 3hr workshops available. Click here to Enquire

    Kerryn Gamble Womens Inclusion Program

    CHANGE: 90-Day Team Turnaround Program


    This is for up and coming Team Leaders, or existing Team Leaders experiencing team dysfunction. Learn how to assess, develop and maximise the skills of your team for greater performance. Click here to Enquire

  • The ESTEEM™ Method

    A Woman of Worth cultivates six key areas to set her apart. Collectively these form ESTEEM™ Method, a 16-week guided immersion designed to help you emerge as the Woman of Worth you know you can be.

    1. VALUE MINDSET - identify your value

    Your thoughts make you. Regardless of your product or service, your mindset is the biggest contributor to who you are and your results. You need to reframe negativity, transform self-doubt and have your mind work for you – not against you – for consistent success.

    2. CLEAR MESSAGE - communicate with clarity

    Conviction sells. Clarity sells. You need your voice (written & spoken) to convey both, with confidence and congruence.

    3. CONFIDENT MOVEMENT - own your body

    Authority and Credibility – without saying a word.

    4. CONTINOUS MOMENTUM - grow your business or career

    Action is key. Procrastination, perfectionism and risk-avoidance all limit business growth. Enhance your professionalism and positioning with value-based – not time based – pricing.

    5. PERSONAL MASTERY - elevate your authority

    Speak so others listen. Refine your voice and body movement to create compelling and captivating messages. Develop leadership presence.

    6. REGULAR MENTORING - make success come to you

    Partnership gives direction, guidance and the accountability needed to improve results.

  • Confidence Zone Blog

    Too many talented professional women continue to feel over-looked or invisible in their workplace...
    Want to be taken seriously … dump the sorry! From my personal observation, women in business...
    Personal Development,Networking,communication
    Could a better pitch create more business opportunities for you? KERRYN GAMBLE explores different...
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  • What People Say ...

    Erika Perkins

    Erika Perkins


    "Kerryn presented at of one of our Women of Success events. Kerryn had the audience captivated & had everyone talking for weeks afterwards. I had many customer compliments, One the best speakers they have heard from. Kerryn made the overall event an absolute success!"

    Cindy Kocovic

    Cindy Kocovic


    "I was at the Westpac event to hear Kerryn speak. An amazing women, so glad I had the opportunity to be there. Very inspirational!"

    Dr Nicole Lee image

    Assoc Prof Nicole Lee


    "The biggest shift for me has been in my perception of who I am in my business and what is possible to achieve. I have a bigger vision and ambition now and a belief that I can meet that ambition. That has knock on effects to how I charge out my time (by value, not minutes), which project we go for (playing in the big consulting pond), and how we present ourselves to the world (more focussed and specialised)."


    Ros Weadman image

    Ros Weadman


    "Kerryn Gamble is one of the most insightful business strategists I have worked with and continues to be one of the best investments I have ever made in my own professional development and business success."


    Grace Lynn

    Grace Lynn


    "We invited Kerryn to speak to our women’s network on “Why Women are a Hot Commodity.” Kerryn was engaging, entertaining and informative and had over 130 men and women laughing with her, actively engaging and participating in her presentation and questioning their language and behaviours both in a professional environment and outside the workplace. Kerryn’s talk has been a source of inspiration for many of our staff and is still being spoken about between colleagues all over the building!"

    Ross Millen

    Ross Millen


    "M1LLENS and our clients and friends were so excited by Kerryn's thought- provoking and insightful presentation at our "Hosted by Millens" event recently.

    Kerryn is a exceptional speaker and gave a highly engaging presentation on women in business building their personal currency.

    We thoroughly recommend her for your next corporate event!"

    Grant Stephenson

    Grant Stephenson


    “I can highly recommend Kerryn as an excellent Personal Coach. I’ve been a Senior Partner in a Global Management Consultancy Business for nearly 20 years and worked with Kerryn to help shape my own direction.

    I learned a lot about myself, what’s important and what drives me in the next stage of my life. Our discussions were enlightening, energising and valuable for providing a measure of progress.”


  • https://geo.itunes.apple.com/us/book/confidence-magnifier/id1065303983?mt=13


    A guide to speaking up, taking action and being remarkable.


    Confidence is a skill and a choice. With confidence comes the ability to influence, inspire and lead. The first step is to lead ourselves. So many women want to do more, be more and impact more, yet feel there’s something “holding them back”.


    Click on the image to find out more.

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