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Identity Branding

For Professional Success

By Kerryn Gamble

When asked what do you do? It's no longer enough to state your job title "I'm a physio" or even a niched response "I'm a sports physio". This communicates what you do, but not why people should do business with you.

In a 2012 HBR study of one hundred-thousand decision makers, 39% reported making vendor decisions based on the salesperson over price, quality or product/ service features. If you're at the coal face of your organisation or own business, how you deliver your customer experience is key to a successful outcome.

In the words of marketing expert Dan Kennedy, The higher the income, the more you're paid for who you are, rather than what you do". To stand out, it's imperative to clearly communicate who you are rather than what you do. Interestingly people can readily articulate what they do well, but not why they're great at these activities. Your unique difference is your superpower and once you're clear about this, communicating why you're the person for the job, the promotion or the sale becomes easy.

Your uniqueness comes with your beliefs, attitudes, values, standards and motivations influencing "who you're being" and the way you do what you do. Identity or the personality of the business is the sum total of unique attributes for all people within the organisation. This applies to a solopreneur just as much as a larger organisation.

Components of identity branding to consider, include:

  • Why you do what you do?
  • What's important to you?
  • What you love and loathe?
  • What activities you find easy to do well and are happy to do regularly?
  • How you wish to contribute, make a difference and be remembered?

Your success as a professional is enhanced by communicating what people can expect when interacting with you. Before anyone can know your unique value, you have to identify what it is first!

Think back to a successful outcome you've experienced, what was your attitude/ thinking and approach before and during this? How were you "being" to guide your activities to a great outcome? Remember you are the brand ambassador of you!

Kerryn's mission is building confidence capital in professional women, to address the leadership gender imbalance. Kerryn works with ambitious women to rewire their self-confidence for success on their terms. Kerryn speaks on self-leadership, overcoming self doubt, people pleasing and procrastination. Find out more at  Email via

Kerryn is Vice President of Professional Speakers Australia (VIC, SA, TAS), Founding Director of CORE Potential, creator of Results Roundtable, members of the Australian Institute of Training & Development and International Coach Guild.