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Influence Is The New Black For Women

By Kerryn Gamble

There’s more value being a woman in business than ever before.

One of the major advances technology brings is the opportunity for greater gender equality. As the future of work evolves to create new undefined roles, void of traditional stereotypes, women have opportunity to influence in ways never previously possible. 

Traditional leadership was about power, today’s leadership is about influence.​

Organisations are only as strong as the teams that work for them. Collaboration has never been as critical to leadership as it is today, making interpersonal skills and emotional intelligence hot business assets. Talented people drive the momentum of business.

 A 2016 European study by the Korn Ferry Group of 55,0000 professionals in 90 countries found women are better at soft skills crucial for effective leadership and business performance, outperforming men in 11 out of 12 emotional intelligence competencies. What does this mean for business? 

Generally speaking, women tend to be better communicators and culture builders. ​

The trend is shifting to assessing individuals based on performance not hours in the office. With so much evidence that women drive higher performance, it’s not surprising the competition to attract good people and especially good women is fierce. 

Previously considered feminine soft skills, interpersonal and emotional skills are now recognised as the glue needed to create collaborative and inclusive workplaces and also essential traits for successful leadership.

You don't have to be the boss to be a leader. ​

Your ability to inspire others to contribute, is your leadership influence. To do this effectively, means you first have to be inspired yourself. When your interest or desire for what you do fades, your ability to contribute probably has too. Inspired and talented people influence others and drive the momentum of business.

Women need to recognise their strengths in ways that now matter more than ever. ​

Too many women underestimate the value of their perspective, contribution and ability to influence new opportunities. 

Here’s five simple ways to create influence, demonstrate leadership and build your personal capital:

  1. Sharing the achievements, new initiatives or ideas of your team or department
  2. Nominating your organisation for an award
  3. Being proactive to make your boss’s life easier
  4. Noticing problems and coming forth with a proposed solution
  5. Highlighting the achievements of a colleague 

The information age has brought new ways of working

The information age has brought new ways of working - changing when, where and how we work. With this comes new styles of leadership. Now is the time for women to embrace this opportunity, put your best self forward and forge new ways of leading and working.

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Kerryn Gamble works with Women in Business and Professional Services, to become influential communicators through their thinking, language and physical movement.

She is author of “UNSTOPPABLE – The Professional Woman’s Guide To Purpose, Power & Prosperity”. Purchase Kerryn’s book here.